Halo’s Progress

Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2023 by in Ponies For Sale |

Halo is taking to riding life beautiully so far! We are now working in walk and trot in the arena, and hacking out on the local estate both in front and behind. She is proving to have a trainable temperament and a sensible nature. Such a great combination for an up and coming superstar of the future! I am excited to progress further with her

S6640012       S6640005      S6640016

**19th April update!**

We have progressed to canter today and in true Halo style she was perfect. We have also hacked out alone and she was very brave and sensible. I have added a lovely photo show extended trot too. She didn’t understand what I was asking for to beging with, so kept giving me the most amazing floaty trot!! This mare has a very bright future ahead of her either as a dressage pony or county showing.

S6670022      S6670018     S6670008

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