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Quick spring update!!

So at present we have 2 beauties in, Hendrick’s the Welsh D, and Harry the Welsh x Cob. This weekend we also have a couple more arriving so plenty to keep me busy!

Hendrick’s was backed last Autumn, then had the winter off to mature both phystcally, and mentally. He is a stunning horse, all 15hh of him and is progressing really well. We are into our 3rd week of training, and after a little set back and needing some dental treatment, we are back on track. He is happily walking and trotting under saddle, and being out on a short hack alongside a schoolmaster.

S5700003             S5700006

Harry arrived last weekend on sales livery. He is a part bred Welsh Cob, and rising 3yrs old. We have been working on handling so far as he was very wary when he arrived. He is now happy to be led, tied up and groomed all over including his legs. Next stage will be picking up his back feet. Depending how long he is here, we will also be starting some groundwork, with a bridle and roller on and learning to long rein. Leading out in traffic and some desensitizing sessions are also on the cards for the coming weeks! He is a sweet pony that wants to learn, he just needs an experienced home that will enjoy teaching him new things.

harry welsh1              harry welsh3

Smokey the Welsh Cob has been training to drive over the last few months. He has taken to it like a duck to water! We are not offering this service out as yet, due to us still learning this ourselves!! I can take no credit for this, as it is all down to his dedicated 2nd mummy for putting in all the hard work. Nicola you have done an amazing job with him thank you!!

smokey cart 1             smokey cart

Popcorn is also coming on a treat and now happly long reining in the arena and enjoying walks out to see the sights. Here he is having his first turn in harness. I’m not planning on driving him as I am wanting him for ridden showing, but I like them to experience lots of new things from a young age.

pops harness1               pops harness               pops harness2

We have a few summer spaces left for 2021 for breaking, schooling, sales and holiday livery.

Any quiries, or if you wish to book in, please contact me on 07917131526, or through my facebook page, thanks Tracey

Summer 2020 update:

Some of our current ponies in for training. We have spaces available from late September:



Mazie is here to be brought back into work, and is looking for a new family to love and enjoy her



Just love this little horse! Hugo has been brought back into work over the last couple of months, and is now looking for a new home. I personally think he would make a smart dressage horse for a rider moving up from ponies



This pretty Connemara mare is here to start her education under saddle. She is taking it all in her stride so far



April has done quite a bit of groundwork with her owner. She is here for backing and riding away



Khalida is a purebred Arab mare who has been a broodmare up to now. She is taking to the ridden job beautifully



Diva has been out of regular work for a while, so here to brush up on her schooling. She has just had her teeth rasped due to some sharp edges bothering her, Hopefully we are back on track now, and can progress!



This beautiful Pintabian mare Inka is just a dream! We are taking it slowly with her training, but she is just everything I ever wanted in a horse. We are hoping for big things next summer with her