*First Show Of The Season*

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We finally got a couple of ponies out to our first show of the season over the bank holiday weekend. We took Craigcoch Tegan and Penboeth Texas. both ponies were very well behaved and although a very busy show with big classes our ponies came home in the ribbons.

The very cute combination of Reece Dawson my youngest son, and Penboeth Texas did their first ever show together and did fantastic! They came away with a 3rd and 4th in the two lead rein classes and a 6th place in hand. i am so very proud of them both.

reece and marmalade


reece and marmalade1


Craigcoch Tegan was very well behaved in the ridden classes. She went round sensibly with the other ponies and stood in line patiently waiting to do her individual show. She was placed 6th in the ridden M&M’s out of 9. I know we need further schooling in canter, but I was very pleased with her behavior, and it is all experience for her being out in the competition environment.

tegan show2


tegan show1

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